Online Mixing

luke garfield at mixing deskPersonally, I like to work with artists face-to-face but sometimes this isn't possible. This doesn't mean that there can't be a creative relationship between the artist and engineer. As a mix engineer I am happy to work remotely with you on the mixing of your project and with file transfer technology getting simpler you can send me your tracks with a minimum of fuss.

I work out of my professionally equipped studio on the Gold Coast (Banana Llama Studios) and I will communicate with you via email about your projects progress along the way. For the cost of mixing you will recieve 2 rounds of changes per mix and mp3 versions of your track as references. Once the track is finalised you will recieve a stereo mix in WAV format at 44.1kHz 24bit for mastering.

What Kind of Mixes You Get:

  • Clear mixes - each instrument has a place
  • Creative mixes - mixes that breath and have character
  • Song relevant mixes - each song has a personality, that's how I mix
  • Genre relevant mixes - mixes that fit the genre or "sound" you're going for
  • Highest quality mix files ready for mastering (WAV 44.1kHz 24bit)

Online Mixing Costs

Mixing Samples

Getting Your Tracks Ready for Online Mixing

If you are interested in having me mix your project I have given a step by step process for you to follow to prepare your tracks for mixing:

1. Make sure your song is recorded as good as it can be and the instruments and vocals are as close to the sound that you want them to have in the finished mix. A lot can be done to "help" tracks in the mix stage but if the individual instrument and vocals sounds are poorly recorded or performed it will be an uphill battle and you will probably be disappointed with the results.

2. Make sure all tracks are edited together on the one lane and all crossfades/fades are neat and tidy etc. absolutely no effects, EQ and compression on the tracks, raw as raw except for the comp'd* takes being neatly cross faded or faded so there is no pops or clicks.

3. If you need to tune vocals do so before sending your tracks. If you need me to tune your vocals I can offer that service but it will be an extra fee. This will generally be around $55AUD - $110AUD per track depending on the detail required to make the vocals sound in tune but as natural as possible.

3. Bounce down each track separately as a single wave or aiff file (not mp3 and 44.1K 16 bit minimum) starting from zero. You can bounce stereo tracks (synths, drum overheads etc) if you want but I can do it in the final mix which often preserves some of that "X" factor of the track (digital summing can be a bit poor on some DAW systems).

4. Label all the tracks with sensible/obvious names. e.g. kick drum outside, kick drum inside, snare top, snare bottom, lead vocal etc.

5. ZIP all files for the one song into a folder for that song. Depending on your own internet connection upload speed and how many files in the song you may need to divide songs into a number of folders. If you are really struggling with uploading files you can mail a DVD with the raw files through to me. Contact me to get a mailing address.

6. Include a text file with any directions about the song files both technical and artistic e.g. "I really like the snare sound on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" can you please make the snare sound similar". I will take your direction into consideration and try my best to achieve the vision.

Let's Get Started

If you are interested in having me work on your project drop me an email via the contact form and we'll get the ball rolling. Shoot through any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer those.

I look forward to hearing from you.


*comp'd - a composite of all the takes for that particular part. e.g. a lead vocal that has a mixture of 3 different takes spliced together as one take.